Address Book API for Microsoft COM and native languages represented by two lightweight dynamic link libraries AddressBookReader.dll and AbLiveMailXpProxy.dll. The second library is only required for changing and deleting contacts in Windows Live Mail XP.

AddressBookReader.dll exposes the following interfaces: ILkContact, ILkAddressBook and ILkAddressBookFactory. The primary object of type ILkAddressBookFactory can be created without COM registration of this library. Check out method AbReaderHelper::GetAbFactory() in AbReaderSample sample project.

All interface definitions located in AddressBookReader.tlb type library. This file is not required in runtime. Use the following #import directive to include it in projects, usually in stdafx.h:

#import "..\lib\AddressBookReader.tlb" no_namespace

Address book factory object has a collection of available address books as a property AddressBookList. Address book object (ILkAddressBook) provides a list of contacts (property ContactList), adding and deleting a contact (AddContact, DeleteContact).

It works with Windows Live Mail 2011 and Windows Live Mail XP address books, Windows Contacts (used in Windows Mail) and Windows Address Book (WAB).

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