Address Book API for Microsoft .Net consists of two lightweight assemblies AddressBookReaderNet.dll and AddressBookReaderTypes.dll. All type and interface information located in AddressBookReaderTypes.dll.

Deployment of the Address Book Manager only requires adding assemblies AddressBookReaderNet.dll and AddressBookReaderTypes.dll from folder lib to a release folder. Check out AddressBookWizard project for a working sample.

The first step is to create LkAddressBookFactory object which implements ILkAddressBookFactory interface:

ILkAddressBookFactory abFactory = new LkAddressBookFactory();

Address book factory object has a collection of available address books as a property AddressBookList. Address book object (ILkAddressBook) provides a list of contacts (property ContactList), adding and deleting a contact (AddContact, DeleteContact).

Currently it works with Windows Live Mail 2011 and Windows Live Mail XP address books, Windows Contacts (used in Windows Mail) and Windows Address Book (WAB).

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