Windows Live Mail extension interfaces

Windows Live Mail API exposes the following interfaces.


Public interface ILkToolbarButton Interface exposes an individual toolbar button. It supports adding button text and icon, enabling/disabling, hidding.
Public interface ILkToolbar Toolbar interface. Allows managing toolbar buttons. It can be used to connect toolbar click events.
Public interface ILkMessage Interface for accessing properties of an individual email message. Allows accessing subject, bodies, recipients, attachments, etc. Interface can be used to define a new message or modify properties of an existent email.
Public interface ILkFolderList Collection of folders.
Public interface ILkMessageList Collection of email messages.
Public interface ILkFolder ILkFolder interface provides methods and properties to operate with a folder: list folder messages, create new messages and subfolders, move messages and folders, search subfolders.
Public interface ILkAccount ILkAccount is an interface for accessing details of an email account.
Public interface ILkAccountList ILkAccountList Interface implements a collection of Account objects.
Public interface ILkStore ILkStore is a primary interface for working with Windows Live Mail store. It allows accessing to the top level folders, such as quick views and outbox, retrieve a current folder and a list of registered accounts.
Public interface ILkMaster ILkMaster Interface is a primary interface. It allows creating toolbars and accessing internal storage of Live Mail.
Public interface ILkToolbarButtonList ILkToolbarButtonList is a collection interface of toolbar buttons. It's used to add and access toolbar buttons and dropdown subbuttons.
Public interface ILkAddress ILkAddress Interface holds information about email recipient including name or title and email address.
Public interface ILkAddressList ILkAddressList Interface provides a collection of addresses. It's used for defining a collection of recipients to, cc and bcc.
Public interface ILkAttachment ILkAttachment provides interface for working with an attachment. It can load and save an attachment as a file and allows to access an in-memory representation of the attachment.
Public interface ILkAttachmentList ILkAttachmentList is a collection interface of attachments.
Public interface ILkNote ILkNote Interface allows to show a prefilled email editing window.
Public interface ILkBodyEdit ILkBodyEdit Interface
Public interface ILkFrameWindow ILkFrameWindow provides interface for managing frame window, extend toolbar, access edit fields.
Public interface ILkComposeWindow ILkComposeWindow extends ILkFrameWindow interface for managing compose window, access edit fields.
Public interface ILkContact ILkContacts is an interface for accessing Windows Live Mail Contact data.
Public interface ILkIndexRange ILkIndexRange is an interface for a list of indexes.
Public interface ILkContactsView ILkContactsView is an interface of Windows Live Mail Contacts view. It allows accessing a list of contatcs and a selected contact.
Public interface ILkContactManager
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