ILkFolder Interface

ILkFolder interface provides methods and properties to operate with a folder: list folder messages, create new messages and subfolders, move messages and folders, search subfolders.

The ILkFolder type exposes the following members.


Public method CopyMessage Copies a message from one folder to another.
Public method CreateFolder Creates a new subfolder.
Public method CreateMessage Creates a new message.
Public method DeleteAllMessages Permanently removes all messages in a folder without moving to deleted items.
Public method DeleteFolder Deletes a subfolder by identifier.
Public method DeleteMessage Deletes a message by identifier.
Public method FindFolder Searches a folder identifier by a name.
Public method GetFolderByRole Retrieves a subfolder by role.
Public method MarkAsJunk Define a folder behaviour like a junk folder.
Public method MoveMessage Moves a message from the folder to another.
Public method OpenMessage Opens a email message by message identifier.
Public method RenameFolder Renames a subfolder by identifier.

Public property Account Returns account of the folder.
Public property FolderId Identifier of the folder.
Public property FolderRole Returns a folder role, like quick view, unread mail, unread news, drafts, inbox, junk, etc.
Public property Folders Returns collection of subfolders.
Public property FolderType Returns a type of the folder. It can be news, email or rss folder.
Public property IsDeleted Checks if this is a Deleted folder.
Public property IsDraft Checks if this is a Draft folder.
Public property IsInbox Checks if this is an Inbox folder.
Public property IsJunk Checks if this is a Junk folder.
Public property IsOutbox Checks if this is an Outbox folder.
Public property IsSent Checks if this is a Sent folder.
Public property MessageCount Returns number of messages in the folder.
Public property Messages Returns collection of messages in the folder.
Public property Name Gets or sets the folder name.
Public property ParentFolderId Retrieves identifier of the parent folder.
Public property SelectedMessages Retrieves a list of selected messages.
Public property UnreadMessageCount Returns number of unread messages.
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