Licensing questions and answers


Q: Are There Royalty or Runtime Fees Involved In Using Your Products?
A: You can freely distribute your application using our products without any additional costs. After your purchase no additional fees are required for distribution.

Q: How much does it cost to upgrade to newer versions?
A: Maintenance subscriptions include version upgrades at no charge. Optional maintenance coverage is available with purchase. Accounts with expired maintenance subscriptions qualify for discount pricing towards upgrading.

Q: Can I use my license on my laptop and workstation?
A: Yes, licensing is per developer so as long as only one using the license, you may install on more than one machine.

Q: Can I Receive the Software Electronically?
A: Yes, a Username and Password will be created for you during purchase. Then, you will receive an email with directions for accessing the software via internet download.

Q: Who can use my license?
A: Licensing is per developer and per product whichever is greater. Each developer using the software will need a separate license.

Q: We are an offshore software development company. We want to use your Email Client API in products of two or more customers. Should we purchase additional licenses?
A: Yes, our API licensed per product or developer whichever is greater. You will need to ask every your customer to purchase a separate license or you can purchase an additional license on your own. In this case you are eligible for volume discount prices.

Q: What Does The Support and Maintenance Subscription Cover?
A: The support and maintenance subscription gives you access to the latest product versions as they are released. Our products include compiled library code and a source code for all samples. Help documentation is also included and you will always have access to technical support and the latest software updates, maintenance and enhancements.

Q: How Long Do I Have To Renew My Subscription Once It Expires?
A: Once your subscription expires you have 30 days to renew it in order to qualify for the subscription renewal. After this 30 day 'Grace Period' you would have to pay full price.

Q: Can I Still Use Your Products If My Subscription Expires?
A: You can use our products indefinitely even after your subscription has expires.

Q: Where Can I Find Product License Agreements?
A: You can find the license agreements for both commercial and evaluation products listed in the right of this page.

Q: Does my license include support of 64 bit versions?
A: Yes, license of every product includes support of both 32 and 64 bit systems. Be sure that your custom plugin also compiled for 64 bit.

Q: What about IMAP and HTTP accounts support?
A: Most IMAP and HTTP account features are already working, including reading and updating message details, downloading a message source from a server, creating folders, moving messages between folders, etc.