Windows Live Mail 2011 extensibility SDK released


Optimal Extension released a new version of software development kit for Windows Live Mail 2011. The SDK integrates with Windows Live Mail components, including a Ribbon command bar, mail compose windows, message lists, email accounts and folders.

Windows Live Mail 2011 is a powerful email client which is available as part of Windows Live Essentials for Microsoft Windows 7 users. In addition to email it includes calendar, contacts, RSS feeds and a newsgroups client. Originally the email client does not expose a documented programming interface or any extensibility SDK.

Optimal Extension released a comprehensive software development kit for extending Windows Live Mail client and for automating various email tasks.

The SDK allows adding a new functionality to Windows Live Mail 2011. It can include intelligent auto-responders, advanced SPAM, phishing and virus filtering, advanced rules management, signature management, integration with other applications, including business applications, workflow management applications and CRM, synchronization of data with mobile applications.

Two versions of SDK are available: for Microsoft .Net languages, such as C#, Vb.Net, Iron Ruby and Iron Python; for native languages whose support COM, including Microsoft Visual C++ and Delphi. A version for scripting languages, including VBScript and JScript, is available on request.

The SDK is backward compatible. It works with other popular email clients on Microsoft Windows, including Outlook Express, Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail 2009. It works on 32bit and 64bit Microsoft Windows operating platforms.

A demo version, documentation, education videos and samples of Windows Live Mail 2011 SDK are available on

About Optimal Extension

Optimal Extension is a provider of popular desktop email client integration solutions and extensibility. Optimal Extension's solutions help to add custom applications and new functionality to Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express and Windows Mail software. Optimal Extension is a privately held company with major customers in United States and Europe. Optimal Extension is not affiliated with Microsoft Corporation in any way. For more information on Optimal Extension, please visit

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